Lean manufacturing events at Wilson

For over five years, Wilson Tool has offered free lean manufacturing training events to customers.

These events detail the company’s own journey and provide lean solutions that can be applied at customer facilities. The training is also a way for manufacturers to share ideas, success stories and learning experiences, while picking up tips from others.
Wilson’s lean seminars are a full-day event split into two different sections. The first focuses on basic principles like 5S, the seven deadly wastes and one-piece flow. Wilson’s training explores the underlying theories driving lean, coupled with experiments to apply them.
The second half of the day uncovers Wilson Tool’s lean journey and showcases product innovations that have come out of it. Participants go on a shop tour, taking a look at how the company has applied lean principles in the layout and flow of the plant. Representatives from the bending and punching divisions discuss tooling innovations that have helped customers streamline their own operations.
Ultimately, attendees will learn lean manufacturing principles that will help improve shop productivity and minimise excess cost and waste. Derived from the Toyota Production System or JiT production, lean manufacturing is a proven method for optimising output.
The next event is Wilson Tool’s LEAN 1.0, which is suitable for those with no lean training, or a basic understanding of lean principles. Set to take place on 20 September at the company’s headquarters in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, the training will run from 08:30 to 15:00.
For further information www.wilsontool.com