Latest XYZ turning centres

Newly available from XYZ Machine Tools are the latest additions to its Compact Turn turning centre range, the XYZ CT65HD and the XYZ CT52LR.

The XYZ CT65HD replaces the existing Compact Turn CT65 and comes with a maximum turned length of more than double its predecessor, at 535 mm, and a total Z-axis travel of 550 mm. Another enhancement is greater coolant delivery pressure of 30 l/min at 2.5 bar.
XYZ’s HD (heavy duty) designation relates to the construction, which remains as a solid Meehanite ribbed casting with the X and Y axes positioned along hardened and ground box slide-ways by means of ball-screws that have been increased in size to 28 and 40 mm respectively, with 20 m/min feed rates. The spindle prevails as an 18 kW unit with a maximum speed of 4500 rpm, while the 12-position 30VDI turret remains as standard, along with the MT4 tailstock offering 90 mm of travel.
Notably, the CT52LR mirrors the development of XYZ Machine Tools’ machining centre range, with the introduction of linear-rail technology to its turning centres for the first time.
Offering a 300 mm maximum turned length and 52 mm bar capacity, the XYZ CT52LR provides users with an entry into turning-centre ownership and, when combined with a machining centre from XYZ’s LR range, delivers a price-competitive package for any subcontractor that is unsure of what work will come in from week-to-week, says the company.
Additional specifications of the CT52LR include: an 11.2 kW spindle, which is capable of running at 4500 rpm; 300 mm maximum swing; 180 mm maximum turned diameter; axis travels in X and Z of 165 and 315 mm respectively;
and a 10-position block-type turret providing plenty of machining options.
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