Latest sharpening solutions for tool production

Sharpening specialist Vollmer used last month’s EMO exhibition in Hanover to present automated grinding, eroding and laser machines for manufacturing tools made of ultra-hard cutting materials such as PCD, CBN and carbide.

This year’s product highlight on the Vollmer stand was the VHybrid 260, which can grind and erode tools up to 100% in a single set-up. The VHybrid 260 features multi-level machining realised via two vertically arranged spindles, where the lower spindle is for both grinding and EDM. With the new V@dison booster solution, the VHybrid 260 achieves a surface quality of up to 0.05 µm Ra when eroding PCD tools.

Thanks to the digital application, it is possible to integrate EDMinto tool production as a complete manufacturing process. According to Vollmer, with the Vpulse EDM generator, users can even producemicro-tools with diameters of 0.5mm and smaller with high precision, performance and surface quality. High accuracy is deliverable via the integrated ‘Laser Check’ measuring system, which achieves required tolerances of ±2µm in fully automatic closed-loop machining.

Also in spotlight at EMO was the Vollmer VGrind 360S tool grinder, which again features the concept of multi-level machining. At the show, Vollmer focused on the machining of CBN tools and how tool manufacturers can use the machine to configure and equip their production, regardless of whether they manufacture special tools or produce tools in high volumes.

Using appropriate automation such as the new HP 170 pallet magazine, the HPR 250 free-arm robot or HC4 chain magazine, the VGrind 360S is suitable for unmanned machining around the clock. With the HP 170, customers can also opt to integrate optical detection of the cooling channels.
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