Kyocera unveils parting-off solution

With the new KPK series, Kyocera is adding a new product line to its parting-off range. The KPK series has been developed to provide a high-performance parting-off solution supported by a strong clamping mechanism for added safety and security.

Kyocera’s KPK series is said to ensure stable and safe cutting. When it comes to parting-off operations in general, the workpiece can be difficult to secure, which leads to rigidity and chattering issues. Therefore, the cutting speed is usually low at the rotational centre of the workpiece. In addition, tools tend to be broken easily by chip issues.
All of these problems are said to be eradicated with the KPK series as it features a new insert, blade and tool-block design for rigid, safe and speedy parting-off operations in workpiece materials that include steel, stainless steel, cast iron and aluminium. Due to easy insert replacement, downtime is reduced to a minimum. The firmly-secured insert uses three contact surfaces to ensure safe clamping, which eliminates chattering and makes the parting-off process a lot safer.
Proprietary chip-breaker technology is inherited from the KGD line-up and is said to provide excellent chip control. Thanks to this technology, tool life is longer and the machining stable, says Kyocera. The rigid tool-holder block not only prevents chattering, but provides internal coolant, which again increases tool life, even under normal pressure.
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