KMF continues to invest

Precision engineering firm KMF has invested in a significant piece of machinery that will double critical capacity. Resulting from an anticipated increase in demand post COVID-19, the group has purchased a second Yamazaki Mazak Quick Turn 250MSY to complement its suite of Mazak equipment. Adding to the facility’s capacity means KMF Group can further support its clients in the aerospace, instrumentation, scientific and medical industries.

Keith Nicholl, commercial director at KMF Group says: “The machine is co-located with an existing Quick Turn 250MSY, effectively doubling our capacity so we can respond to increased demands from new and existing customers. Both machines link to our offline programming capability, resulting in high levels of cutting efficiency, 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

“COVID-19 impacted many businesses, but as we emerge from the worst of the crisis, we’ve positioning ourselves to ensure that we’re fully prepared to support customers across various sectors with immediate effect,” he adds. “By investing now, and being business-ready, we can proactively support our customers with their own revival.”

The Quick Turn 250MSY has a 500 mm bed capacity, and is equipped with a 10” chuck on the main spindle and a 6” chuck on the secondary spindle, handling part sizes up to 380 mm. A Hydrafeed Multifeed magazine barfeed enables unmanned running of small-to-medium batch quantities.

Neil Coggins, area sales manager at Yamazaki Mazak UK, says: “As production begins to increase across multiple industries following the disruption caused by the pandemic, it’s vital that subcontractors have the engineering capacity to hit the ground running.”

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