Internal grooving systems feature coolant

Horn Cutting Tools has launched two grooving systems for the internal machining of bores. System 209 is intended for bores of diameter 16 mm and above, while system 216 machines bores greater than or equal to 20 mm diameter.

The two systems make use of tool holders with internal cooling. A robust shank with elliptical cross-section of the boring-bar neck ensures high-performance damping, says the company. The ground shanks, of g6 quality, are available in left- or right-hand design.
Coolant flows from a nozzle in the clamping finger and from the side of the tool holder. The two jets cool the cutting zone and remove chips from the inside of the workpiece.
Precision-sintered, indexable, two-edged inserts with cutting widths from 2 to 6 mm are available in geometries .5, .1A and .KF for cutting medium-strength materials. All three geometries are said to offer good chip control and targeted chip breaking, even on long-chipping materials.
System 209 tool holders with a shank diameter of 16 mm allow retraction distances of up to 30 mm in conjunction with a grooving depth of 3.5 mm. For bores with a diameter of 18 mm or above, a more stable shank diameter of 20 mm, also with a retraction distance of 30 mm, can be used to achieve a grooving depth of 5 mm. The 216 system tool holders, with a shank diameter of 20 or 25 mm, enable grooving depths down to 7 mm at a projection length of 2xD.
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