Insert app boosts productivity

In a move designed to help machine shops increase productivity, tool life and process reliability, Walter is now offering an app that enables users to quickly and easily replace existing cutting tools – including those currently applying competitor tooling – with the latest Walter indexable inserts.

Rather than endless menu options, a simplified search function within the Insert Converter app allows users to make selections based on insert grades and geometries – inputting the current geometry before the alternatives available from Walter are displayed.
Recommended grades or geometries may vary considerably depending on the workpiece material type, in which case the user will receive additional details such as the coating process or ISO classification and, in the case of ISO geometries, the indexable-insert type. Applications include ISO turning, grooving and parting off, while in addition to carbide cutting tool materials, CBN, PCD, ceramic and cermet are also covered.
Walter’s Insert Converter app is compatible with Android and iOS (Apple) devices, and is available as a web version via a browser – and offline, if required. The app can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play or via Walter’s website.
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