Industry 4.0-enabled barfeed

Among the latest announcements from 1st MTA at MACH was the availability of an Industry 4.0 connection for any new Iemca barfeed, allowing constant remote analysis of its condition and operation. Data is continuously transmitted via an internet link to a PC, tablet or smartphone.

An Industry 4.0-compliant Boss bar magazine with bundle loader was demonstrated at the show.
Other recent innovations include a 7” LCD touch screen as an alternative to the standard hand held control on most Iemca products; new software on the KID 80+ short magazine that allows synchronous component transfer between the main and sub-spindles at full speed to reduce cycle times; a new Elite barfeed that allows full-length, thin bars down to 0.8 mm diameter to be handled; the Master 80 HD UP, on which bars are loaded at an ergonomic height; and the rail-mounted Caddy rack and bundle system extensions to Boss barfeeds.
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