Industry 4.0-enabled bar feeds

1st Machine Tool Accessories has revealed that all bar feeds produced by its principal Iemca can now be Industry 4.0 enabled.

Wireless data communication allows much more information to be transmitted in comparison with a hard-wired connection. According to the company, the solution is unlike those offered by competitors in that it allows customers to integrate the equipment more conveniently: instead of requiring connection into a factory’s intranet to achieve wireless data flow, the Iemca bar feed and lathe communicate via the cloud. In Italy alone there are already more than 300 Iemca Industry 4.0 bar-feed installations.
Reliance solely on an Internet link simplifies set-up. The configuration also has the advantage that equipment status and performance can be monitored on a PC, tablet or a smartphone away from the factory.
In a further development from Iemca, the company has launched what it says is the first bundle loader capable of being added to a bar feed already installed and running in a factory. Called the Caddy F, the device is capable of accommodating a 250 mm diameter bundle of bars weighing up to 2.5 tonnes. The loader is of open design so can easily be replenished with new stock material.
Availability has also been announced of a Caddy P version, which is a multi-rack system capable of providing up to 2 m of additional capacity. Both the Caddy F and the Caddy P have been designed to allow access to the bar feed by means of a rail system mounted on the floor.
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