IMI Truflo Marine invests in MecWash system

The addition of the MecWash MWX300aqueous cleaning system has made a dramatic impact at IMI Truflo Marine, increasing cleaning productivity by over six times while reducing the operational manpower required. IMI Truflo Marine noted a significant improvement in both efficiencies and the standard of cleaning, helping the business to meet global demand. This historic naval valve manufacturer makes flow control solutions, with over 120,000 valves in service on 24 of the world’s naval fleets.

The precision cleaning and sophisticated drying processes offered by the MWX300 ensures components produced by IMI Truflo Marine are free of contaminants, preserving the critical tolerances necessary. The company’s parts have very tight tolerances, and even small amounts of dirt or contamination can prevent them from functioning properly.

Kurtis Smith, continuous improvement engineer at IMI Truflo Marine, says: “Truflo needed a machine that could provide a consistent and high-quality finish on valves in sensitive materials used in marine systems. It was important for the business that the new system could improve productivity with less manpower required in the parts washing process.

“Since the installation in 2022, the MWX300 has delivered impressive cleaning results, especially considering its size,” he continues.“The cleaning process has always been challenging due to the sensitivity of the parts and the mirror finish required. Previously, we could only clean three valve kits in a 30-minute cycle; using the MWX300 we are cleaning 12 kits within 18 minutes, with a smooth and polished finish.”

The previous cleaning method at IMI Truflo Marine was manual and required the blow drying of parts with air guns after washing. Now, the company simply loads baskets of parts into the MWX300 and presses start.
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