High-productivity hard turning

A new solution for higher productivity hard turning at higher speed and feed rates is based on more economic use of a specific design of octagon insert incorporating special wiper geometry that enhances surface finish.

The Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal High Feed Turning (HFT) system leverages the company’s experience in CBN insert technology.
HFT hard-turning trials have resulted in 12 to 16 times faster processing times over existing methods, while enabling existing component surface finish and tolerances to be maintained. However, adding to the success of the trials, insert life was doubled, aided by the availability of eight cutting edges on CBN insert.
HFT tool holders feature a specially developed insert location for speedy and accurate exchange, while the monoblock design caters for turning, boring and facing with machine interface couplings available in HSK, VDI, ISO-PSC and DIN shanks. The double clamp insert system ensures higher stability of the insert with a direction-defined coolant/air supply through the holder.
In recent hard-turning trials, HFT CBN inserts were run at 150 m/min and 1.2 mm/rev to achieve over 1200 parts per insert. Previous methods at slower cutting speeds only achieved 100 components per insert.
Similarly, for finishing cuts, previous tool life was 100 parts per insert. However, HFT enabled this rate to be increased to 1600 components, with speed increases to 150 m/min from
120 m/min.
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