Heavy-duty LNS barfeed

New from LNS is the Ultra 80 barfeed that features an oversized base frame complete with a 700 kg cast-iron support beam.

This mass helps ‘seat’ the barfeed in position, aiding machining quality by damping the vibrations generated by the rotating bar. The Ultra 80 weighs around 2 tonnes and remains stable even when long bars with a diameter of 80 mm and weighing over 160 kg are rotating.
Responding to customer requests, LNS has also designed a flexible front rest system to reduce the number of cases when users need to change the guiding elements. The front rest is an essential support element for the bar before it enters the lathe spindle, keeping it centred, while accepting a wide range of bar diameters. Automatic adjustment to bars of different diameters means the operator does not have to change the guide elements. The patented front rest is complementary to the hydro-bar principle and does not replace it.
A large colour touchscreen and numerous context-sensitive menus are supplied with the barfeed’s HMI, guiding the operator through actions. Highly graphical, this HMI offers a layout that allows users to directly access the information needed for increased productivity and safety, and provides messages and alerts with text and images.
The Ultra 80 is available in two versions, with internal ramp or external lift, to offer customers the configuration best suited to their requirements. The oversized insertion and extraction system is also equipped with a booster to suit all clamps available on the market.
For further information https://lns-group.com/

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