Handling system exchanges heavy tools

A new, rail-guided changing table for the safe, rapid movement of today’s increasingly heavy press tools, moulds and dies is now available from Roemheld in three versions for loads of up to 15, 25 or 40 tonne. The electrically-driven RWS system comes as a single or tandem cart and can feature two different push-pull arrangements to enable tool exchange on most types of equipment, including vertical forming and injection moulding machines. The changing tables help car manufacturers transport increasingly heavy tools for producing large castings comprising many individual parts, such as when mega-casting a vehicle frame or body.

The cart is guided on floor-level round rails with a rolling resistance so low that one person can manually move loads of up to 5 tonne easily. The rails facilitate precise guidance and prevent dirt ingress and tripping hazards. A safety mechanism ensures that it is only possible to move loads when the RWS table is firmly attached to either a machine or the storage location.

Consoles that bridge the distance between the machine bed and the die-changing cart make tool handling rapid and effortless. The amount of time needed for actual changeover is minimal as the table features integrated lifting bars in addition to the pull-push system. It means that the press or moulding machine is able to continue production right up to the moment of tool exchange.

Plants can connect several presses by a single table; positioning accuracy is within ±0.3 mm. Semi or fully automatic die change is possible due to the cart’s integral control system.

For further information www.roemheld.co.uk