Get set for Leader Chuck work-holding seminar

AUK provider of workholding, ancillary systems and business efficiency services, Leader Chuck International,will host its inaugural First Tuesday Webinar (FTW) this week (7 November). The first in a series, these scheduled monthly webinarswill provide answers to the most common work-holding questions.

“There’s no doubt about the thirst for fixturing knowledge within the manufacturing sector,” says managing director Mark Jones. “From simplistic vice set-ups and semi-automated jigs and fixtures, to complex fully automated clamping device changeover systems, workholding can dramatically improve productivity and efficiency.”

It is not just workshop performance that can see improvement with the right work-holding application. The consistency of the geometric tolerances achieved, along with the ability to produce components to the specification required time after time, goes hand-in-hand with improved surface finish and increased tool life.

The initial FTW on 7 November will ask the question ‘why workholding matters?’ Concentrating on prismatic clamping, the webinar will provide an overview of workholding, highlighting why it matters to the overall manufacturing process. The onlineevent will follow on with the key challenges faced by the work-holding system, with examples of how it is possible to address each of these.

Leader Chuck’s presentation will adhere to a pre-planned agenda to ensure that the company covers all relevant points in a timely fashion.The final part of the webinar will be a Q&A session, where attendees can ask for advice on existing or forthcoming work-holding problems.
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