From die hard to die easy

MACH Machine Tools, part of the Vigilance Group, has supplied Aluminium Extrusion Tooling (AET) Co Ltd – a relatively new start-up company based in Gloucestershire – with a new MACH 710MM+ vertical machining centre. The machine was installed at the company’s production facility in Staunton in July 2019.

Since its arrival, the machine has been used to produce high-precision customised hollow, semi-hollow and solid extrusion dies for the company’s growing UK and international customer base, which serves the building/construction, transportation, automotive, consumer goods, electrical and energy sectors.
AET manufactures a range of different diameter dies from 105 to 550 mm diameter. The MACH 710MM+ is being used to machine the smaller to medium-sized diameter dies, with the average size being 260 mm diameter.
Lead times for delivery depend on the complexity of the die, and the customer. The typical lead time for less complex dies is seven days, with three weeks being the average for more complex dies.
Explains Lee Knight, director at AET: “We are in a competitive global industry. As a relatively new company making its way in the world it was important that we invest in advanced and proven machine-tool technologies to ensure that we’re able to meet customer quality requirements and delivery schedules, and to be within their cost parameters.
“The MACH 710MM+ is a technically excellent machine,” he adds. “It’s fast, accurate and reliable – all key performance attributes. We are particularly impressed with the machine’s smooth and responsive acceleration and deceleration, and its ergonomic design that provides great operator access to the machining area.”
In addition to its performance, another positive was that the machine was available immediately from stock and could be acquired on a three-year MACH hire lease contract.
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