First Citizen with auto tool change

Citizen Machinery has added a fourth variant to the Cincom L20 sliding-head CNC turning centre range. The top model, L20-XII, which has a 135° swivelling B axis mounted on the gang tool post for working at either of the opposed spindles, is now available with an automatic tool changer (ATC) for swapping up to 30 mm diameter cutters in a chip-to-chip time of four seconds. Both the tool carrier and magazine move in the Y1 axis to effect tool change.

Believed to be a first in a Swiss-type turning machine, the ability to exchange 12 different cutters in the lower position of the B-axis carrier greatly extends the machine’s versatility when executing angled cross-working or end-facing operations. A 13th tool can fix in the carrier’s upper position. While the cutters are normally live for performing drilling, slitting, hobbing or multi-axis milling, turning tools can fill the positions if expedient.

The total number of tools that may be mounted in the working area of the Cincom L20-XIIATC is 34, providing flexibility to ensure that components are machined in as few set-ups as possible, often one. A 2.2 kW motor at up to 12,000 rpm drives the cutters, so even small diameter mills are capable of productive metal removal rates.

As its designation implies, the lathe turns components from 20 mm diameter bar, although oversized options allow up to 25 mm diameter material to be accepted. Another feature contributing to the lathe’s versatility is the ability to switch quickly between Swiss-type operation and non-guide bush turning for more economical production of shorter components.

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