F1 team installs four SLA 3D printers

3D Systems is reporting that the BWT Alpine F1 Team has purchased four SLA 750 3D-printing systems to accelerate innovation and speed to track. Based at Enstone in Oxfordshire, the team made the decision to purchase the systems after it extensively tested the product in its beta phase. BWT Alpine F1 Team is currently using the SLA 750 systems and 3D Systems’ Accura Composite PIV material to build models for wind tunnel testing, including complex aerodynamic parts with pressure tappings, as well as small composite tools and high-temperature bonding jigs.

“We are very impressed with the depth of precision engineering that went into the development of 3D Systems’ SLA 750,” says Ben Mallock, deputy head of aerodynamics, BWT Alpine F1 Team. “We have a long-standing technical partnership with 3D Systems. With the SLA 750 we achieved the best part quality we’ve seen so far in the market with considerably improved productivity.Today we’re able to produce 25,000 additively manufactured parts each year.”
For further information www.3dsystems.com