Even better groove milling

Trouble-free precision groove milling in an easy-to-use format is what Sandvik Coromant says manufacturers are set to enjoy with the latest CoroMill 331 indexable-insert cutter.

New features include internal coolant and light cutting geometries for stable and secure machining.
The addition of internal coolant helps to regulate heat in the cutting zone for long and predictable insert life. This factor is especially beneficial in ISO M and ISO S materials (stainless steel and heat-resistant alloys), which exhibit poor thermal conductivity. Additionally, internal coolant aids chip evacuation, a key factor for groove quality and process security.
Trouble-free machining is further supported through the introduction of light cutting geometries. For ISO M and ISO S materials, L30 and L50 geometries replace the company’s existing assortment for good conditions/light applications and tougher conditions/heavy applications respectively. For ISO P (steel) and ISO K (cast iron) materials, M30 geometry now complements the existing assortment. M30 is designed for the delivery of secure machining where weak set ups and long overhangs are present.
Another factor underpinning process security is enhanced cutter rigidity. In applications where long overhang or elevated levels of vibration are likely, CoroMill 331 can be deployed with Silent Tools damped adaptors. Here, the shorter body of CoroMill 331 brings the cutting edge closer to the Silent Tools damping mechanism, providing yet more tool stability.
Sandvik Coromant says that typical parts to benefit include hour-glass valve bodies, aerospace brackets, flap tracks and steering knuckles, to list but a few. CoroMill 331 also offers high levels of versatility that render it suitable not just for groove milling, but parting, double half-side machining, shoulder milling, face milling, back-face milling, gang milling and circular interpolation.
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