Engineered to deliver, enhanced by Vericut

CGTech’s Vericut software has created a confidence-boosting, reassuring safety net for Hyde Aero Products over the past 20 years or more. As one of the UK’s largest independent engineering companies, Hyde Aero Products has a prominent reputation for the design, manufacture and assembly of components that it supplies to a broad spread of customers.

Comprised of over 20 manufacturing units that specialise in all elements of metallic component manufacture, Hyde Aero Products relies on Vericut CNC simulation, verification and optimisation software across a number of its sites. In particular, Stoneswood Precision Components (SPC), which specialises in the subtractive manufacturing of soft and hard metal aerospace components, is harnessing the functions of Vericut to deliver high-quality components, first time.

“From small three-axis aluminium brackets, through to large, high-value five-axis titanium structural components, everything runs through Vericut,” explains Rob Westley, senior technical engineer at SPC. “No single program, no matter how short, is output to the shop floor without gaining the Vericut seal of approval.”

Tom Whitbread, SPC technical engineer adds: “The simplicity of Vericut and its speed of use has led to it never being seen as a burden to the programming element of our production chain. In my five years as a programmer and through my SPC apprenticeship programme, Vericut has always captured my training errors and helped me develop skills for program optimisation and enhance the quality of the components I engineer.”

SPC also uses Vericut to manage production capacity. The log and run-time estimation output by Vericut allows SPC to review and optimise the balancing of workloads and manufacturing capabilities of the factory’s various machining cells.
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