EDM for aero-engine production

TEK4 recently introduced what it describes as a world first, an EDM machine dedicated to producing aerospace engine blades and vanes. As a specialist in cooling hole drilling technology for jet engines and gas turbines, TEK4 has launched its 6G FHD SA (Small Aerospace), a fast-hole EDM drill specifically for industrial turbine production.

The TEK4 6G FHD SA incorporates full six-axis simultaneous machining and intelligent probing, as well as pre-breakthrough and breakthrough tool detection. These features are essential for machine shops in this sector as it enables them to avoid the risk of back wall impingement. The machine is fitted as standard with an automatic electrode guide changer and automatic electrode changer, which can accommodate electrodes up to 600 mm long for extended autonomy.
According to TEK4, the EDM generator works in combination with the in-house developed software. This compatibility allows for excellent metallurgical results, says the company, which is another critical parameter for this high-tech industry. In addition, the TEK4 6G FHD can be integrated in an autonomous robot cell with automatic part loading for unmanned operation. A laser ablation head can be incorporated in TEK4 FHD machines for the removal of the ceramic protective barrier. Having the EDM head and laser head on the same platform avoids positioning issues and offers reduced capital investment.
The TEK4 5G FHD machine has an X, Y and Z axis of 300 x 300 x 400 mm, with 360° rotation in the A (±180°) and C axes (360° continuous), a 600 mm drill stroke, and a maximum work part weight of 20 kg. This flexibility enables the machine to process holes from 0.25 to 10 mm diameter, and up to 200 mm deep.
For further information www.tek4.co.uk