Dyson cleans-up with new machining centre

Founded almost 100 years ago, Milton Keynes based Dyson Diecastings Ltd initially started as a casting business, although nowadays the company offers a multitude of services, something that is supported by the recent acquisition of a Fanuc Robodrill B-series machining centre.

“As technology has evolved, so have customer demands and the capabilities of our company,” says director Paul Savage. “We have moved from just drilling and tapping to adding a CNC machining department, and now conduct profile milling, facing and much more. In terms of value-added processes, we offer painting, plating and polishing for those who want a fully finished product.”
The Fanuc Robodrill B-series D21LiB5 features an extended bed length that accommodates the variety of components that pass through the machine shop at Dyson.
“Usually, we would go for a 1 m bed length machine and also have a 600 mm Fanuc machine alongside, but this 800 mm bed length Fanuc is ideal for what we need,” says Savage. “A key factor in selecting the B-series is that we bought a Fanuc Robodrill T21iF about six years ago and its reliability has been outstanding. Spare parts are sourced locally and the cost of running it has been kept very low. The B-series machine comes with a new interface while the spindle speeds and indexing unit all match what we’d been running previously. Programs transfer very simply and it ticks all the right boxes.”
For further information www.fanuc.eu