Consistent gloss finishes in high quality

The field of surface finishing is characterized by demands for higher quality with increasing need for process consistency, traceability and resource efficiency. Frequently, this requires new finishing methods. With the DryLyte system, Rösler offers a system for electro-polishing metal components that require a perfect finish.

Contrary to traditional electro-chemical polishing, DryLyte is a dry process that utilises solid particles containing electrolytes. As a result, there is no need for acid baths or other process liquids. According to Rösler, the benefits of this technology include excellent surface finish, high geometrical consistency of workpieces, lower CO2 footprint and reduced costs for waste disposal. Furthermore, there is no more costly and complex treatment of used process liquids, while the finished workpieces emerge from the system perfectly clean.

The fully automatic DryLyte system simplifies and helps to standardise different surface finishing tasks such as deburring, surface smoothing, surface grinding, high-gloss polishing and even the post processing of 3D-printed components. Depending on the initial surface conditions und the specified finishing quality, it is possible to use dry electro-polishing as a stand-alone process or in combination with known mass finishing, shot blasting or other pre-grinding methods.

DryLyte technology applies the principle of electro-chemical material removal from the surface of components. However, the technology does not use liquid electrolytes but a multitude of polymer pellets in different sizes containing electrolyte media adaptedprecisely to the respective finishing task. In contrast with traditional electro-polishing systems, no hazardous vapours form that require energy-intensive exhaust systems and special protective gear for the operator. In addition, since electrolyte medium absorbs the material removed from the workpiece surface, no dust or metal particles escape into the environment, as happens with manual grinding and polishing operations.
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