Comprehensive testing before shipment

Haco-Kingsland ensures that all FAT TUR series lathes are comprehensively tested before shipment. A case in point is a TUR 1550 MN that was recently despatched to a customer in Norway. The machine had been made to order with specially requested features that enhance its capabilities even further, including a tool turret with driven tools and full C-axis contouring. As with all TUR series models, the machine was put through its paces during testing to ensure compliance with customer needs and meet stringent internal quality standards.

The FAT TUR 1550 MN is a lathe designed for heavy workpieces. Able to process components measuring up to 1550 mm in diameter, the TUR MN series has proven its worth around the globe and is active in many different industries requiring precision workpieces.
Special care is taken in every single detail of the manufacturing process to guarantee failure-free operation. A linear measuring system eliminates positional deviations due to expansion of the ball screw because of temperature fluctuations, or play between the nut and screw.

The headstock is of a modern compact design, with shafts and gears made of heat-treated alloy steel. Due to the application of closely supported shafts and ground gears, the headstock runs smoothly at all speeds.

A heavy-duty tailstock is deployed to allow bigger workpiece loads and reduce vibration during heavy rough cutting. The extra-large 200 mm diameter quill is hardened and has a built-in live centre with MT 6 taper. In addition, the tailstock rides on an air cushion for easy movement as standard. The tailstock can be easily positioned by carriage using a quick-released coupling, while a hydraulically operated tailstock is offered as an option.

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