Compact rotary indexing table

Carl Hirschmann has launched a compact two-axis rotary indexing table with direct drives that is designed especially for the production of small parts.

According to the company, this development for simultaneous machining and the exact positioning of workpieces is characterised by flexibility, as well as high speeds and acceleration profiles at the limits of what is technically possible – with maximum precision through the addition of the patented zero-point clamping system, µ-PrisFix-Nano. The Hirschmann µ-PrisFix-Nano is suitable for applications such as wire EDM, die-sink EDM, EDM drilling, laser machining and high-speed cutting.
Another special feature is the integrated compressed air supply for pneumatic connections. During internal pneumatic transfer, an air connection actuates the clamping system and opens the spring packs, which ensure stable attachment of the workpiece. The second compressed air connection is used to clean the installation surfaces, or to automatically check whether there is a workpiece in the machine. The innovation goes back to market enquiries for laser machining.
Notably, the rotary axis and the swivel axis are each driven by a torque motor, which transmits 1:1 rotary motion without reduction.
“Thanks to this concept, the rotary indexing table achieves extraordinarily high values for speed and jerk time on each axis,” explains Rainer Harter, CTO of Carl Hirschmann.
In laser processing, a feed rate is defined that must be precisely maintained, even with small radii and curves. This factor means that the axis must be able to act dynamically. And this with highest demands on the precision of material removal from the workpiece. The dividing accuracy on both axes is ±10 angular seconds.
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