Combined services for North America

Staufen and Schuler are now offering their combined services in North America. The international specialists work as a single team to provide consulting services and process optimisation for press shops across the USA and Canada.

Process improvement experts from Staufen, together with their counterparts from Schuler, analyse all press shop processes in order to maximise added value. Based on a so-called ‘Quick Check’, untapped potential is identified and leveraged. Then, Staufen consultants and Schuler experts work together to improve the whole value stream of the press shop. Focus topics are process optimisations (such as OEE improvements), die-change optimisation and the implementation of TPM, as well as set-up time and output and logistics optimisations.
With this co-operation, Staufen and Schuler have already analysed many press shops at different customers all over the world. They discovered that the equipment utilisation rate was less than 50% in some cases. The main reasons were wrong or poorly dimensioned tooling, long change-over times, poor system set-ups or bad material feeding.
Based on the specific customer’s results, an individual action plan was developed and its implementation started. Thus, KPIs like OEE, productivity and efficiency were improved significantly.
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