Charles Day Steelsturns to Water Jet Sweden

Established over four decades ago in the heart of Sheffield, Charles Day Steels has recently invested in a new Beveljet 60 five-axis waterjet cutting machine from Water Jet Sweden for both bevel and free-form cutting.

With typical waterjet pumps on average only producing 3000-4000 bar of cutting pressure from 50-60 hp, the new pump on the Beveljet 60 can produce 6200 bar of cutting pressure through two heads simultaneously using its sizeable 125hp of power. This capability provides customers with a time- and cost-efficient waterjet cutting process.

Charlie Day, grandson of the founder and sales and business development director at Charles Day, says: “We’re already experts in waterjet cutting and have been offering the service for over 20 years, but the addition of the Water Jet Sweden BevelJet 60 cutting head opens up a whole new market. Not only can we provide large 2D parts on a quick turnaround, we can also offer large 3D parts, again at a dramatically increased cut speed, at a competitive price.”

One of the stand-out features of the Bevel Waterjet is its cutting head, which can process parts at angles of up to 60°. This capability allows for the creation of intricate and precise 3D shapes. Furthermore, equipped with a 125hp pump operating at 6200 bar, the Waterjet Sweden BevelJet 60 cam slice through materials known for their formidable hardness, including the likes of wearplate and Hardox.

Another novel feature is its dual-head configuration (one 3D and one 2D) that facilitates simultaneous cutting at high pressure through each head. This approach reduces production times, offering expedited results without compromising the quality of the final product.
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