Ceratizit expands range of hydraulic chucks

Tooling company Ceratizit has added two high-performance adapters to its range of hydraulic chucks: the HyPower Rough for demanding rough machining operations; and the HyPower Access 4.5° for optimal accessibility in the machining zone.

The HyPower Rough hydraulic chuck is for clamping milling tools with a HA shank.Offering high temperature stability of 80°C, these chucks are suitable for highly dynamic milling applications, even during cycles lasting longer than 240 minutes, reports Ceratizit. These dynamic milling applications include HSC (high-speed cutting), HPC (high-performance cutting) and SPM (structural part machining). According to the company,the HyPower Rough is also effective for the high-performance milling of precision components at speeds up to 33,000 rpm. Moreover, these hydraulic offer high levels of vibration damping in support of surface quality.

Meanwhile, the HyPower Access 4.5° hydraulic chuck is for precision finishing.And to ensure optimal flexibility and versatility, its dimensions match those of a shrink-fit chuck (DIN contour with 4.5°). These chucks offer customers the advantages of a hydraulic chuck for critical component structures, with suitability for reaming and drilling, as well as finishing during milling operations. The result, says Ceratizit, is outstanding surfaces and tight tolerances, as well as maximum process security and tool life.

Ceratizit’s product manager (clamping systems) Christoph Retter says: “Both the HyPower Access 4.5° and HyPower Rough offer outstanding radial run-out accuracy and an impressive clamping force for optimum results. Furthermore, they are easy to change, and save time where tool alterations need to be made as changes can be made in minutes using a single Allen key.”
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