CBN-tipped cutting inserts unveiled

The 315 system from Horn for internal and external grooving has gained a new range of single-edged, CBN-tipped inserts suitable for hard machining applications. Inserts are available for producing grooves from 1 to 3 mm wide and up to 5 mm deep.

A large contact area on the insert seats directs the cutting pressure efficiently into the holder, while the central clamping screw enables maximum tightening of the insert for vibration-free, accurate machining. These properties make the system suitable for counteracting the high forces generated during hard turning. The holder range is available in monoblock design and as a cartridge system for HSK-T and PSC connections.
In other product news from Horn Cutting Tools, the company says that Boehlerit’s new turning tool holders with connections for internal coolant supply are now available in the UK. The holders are available from stock with toggle clamp (ISO-P) and screw clamp (ISO-S) systems, allowing manufacturers to benefit from the productivity advantages of cooling directly at the cutting edge.
The P variety is suitable for all ISO indexable inserts. There are no loose components and only a few spares are required, making them easy to handle. According to Horn, inserts can be clamped quickly and securely, and released easily, while chip flow is smooth as there are no obstructions.
S-type tool holders also enable the insert to be secured simply and safely, in this case using a cone-shaped positioning screw. Here too, chip flow is not compromised and a maximum of three spare parts is needed.
For both types of holder, the coolant is supplied at the back of the shank end as standard, or from below the head as an option.
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