Gearing up for DeburringExpo

Production engineers interested in the latest deburring and precision surface finishing technologies, should register for DeburringExpo 2021, which will take place at the Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre in Germany on 12-14 October. With theme parks covering ‘cleaning after deburring’, ‘automated deburring with industrial robots’ and ‘AM parts finishing’, highly topical issues will also be addressed at the 4th edition of this trade fair. An expert forum will offer information concerning the latest trends and developments, as well as practical solutions.

Demand is rising in sectors such as machine building, medical, pharmaceutical, toolmaking, metrology, precision engineering, sensor and drive technology, and automotive. Among other factors, export markets are also driving this trend. As a result, investments put on hold last year are back on the agenda once again.

Issues such as deburring, edge rounding and the production of precision surface finishes also play an important role in this regard. In some cases it is increasingly necessary to meet stricter as well as changing requirements during the manufacturing and reconditioning of products.

As the only technology platform for deburring, chamfering and the production of precision surface finishes, DeburringEXPO provides a complete overview of current production developments, trends, processes and methods, as well as quality assurance solutions and associated services.

The integrated three-day expert forum at DeburringEXPO is also in demand as a source of knowledge. Solutions for actual applications, as well as current developments, trends and future strategies, will be a central focus at the simultaneously interpreted presentations (German <> English).

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Precision grinding with Kellenberger

A Kellenberger CNC universal grinder is now in operation at Yeovil-based PDQ Precision, a specialist in the provision of subcontract machining services to sectors such as aerospace, medical, motorsport and packaging.

“Although we have earned a reputation as a comprehensive one-stop-shop machining facility, if we have a speciality it’s in the area of precision grinding,” explains managing director Martin Thrower. “To enable our grinding section to keep pace with ever increasing demand we recently searched for an efficient universal CNC grinding machine able to produce high-accuracy work. In addition, as we generally grind relatively small volumes, we looked for a flexible machine with quick set-up capabilities.

“Although a couple of the universal CNC grinding machines we scrutinised satisfied certain aspects of our needs, it was only a Kellenberger model that fulfilled all of them,” continues Thrower. “Our new universal CNC grinding machine is now delivering on all the promises made and producing the required large volumes of high-quality components.”

The Kellenberger’s Z-axis movement uses traditional guideways that guarantee a high degree of damping, while the machine’s X-axis movement utilises roller guideways which deliver non-stick/slip positioning. Heidenhain high-precision nano-resolution linear scales feature in both axes. The space-efficient grinder offers one internal and two external spindles, selected via a programable B axis. A swivelling workhead makes the machine suitable for both grinding between centres and chucked work, with further flexibility provided by a manually operated swivelling upper table.

The grinder’s wheel-head exhibits thermal stability thanks to the use of optimised spindle bearings and water-cooled motors. Control is via a FANUC 0i CNC.

Kellenberger’s entire grinding machine range is exclusively available in the UK and Ireland through DF Precision Machinery.

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Grinding wheels for manual operations

Compared with conventional resin-bonded grinding wheels, Engis says that its Dia-ForZ range of diamond-plated wheels offers many significant benefits, including greater operator safety. For instance, as the diamond grit is electroplated to the metal body, the wheel cannot fail, break or come apart due to abuse. This factor is particularly important in hand-tool operations, where it is easy to drop the grinder, or the machine over-speeds due to the failure of the governor.

Dia-ForZ diamond-plated wheels last longer and cut faster than aluminium oxide and zirconia alumina alternatives. Furthermore, because diamond stays sharper for longer and cuts faster, less force is required to remove imperfections on castings, leading to enhanced operator ergonomics.

The wheels do not need to be dressed, thanks to greater grit exposure than is seen in conventional wheels. In addition, as the wheel does not wear like a conventional wheel, there is no loss of form or peripheral speed, resulting in less dust.

The Dia-ForZ range is available in portable Ty 1, Ty 6 and Ty 27 versions, as well as cut-off wheels, burrs and wheels for robotic cells.

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Metro Madrid selects Guyson

Finishing equipment manufacturer, Guyson International, with its Spanish distributor Materias Primas Abrasivas, has recently installed a Guyson Euroblast 8 air-wash cabinet into Metro Madrid’s main maintenance workshop for removing dust particles and other contaminants from the braking systems of underground trains.

The health, safety and wellbeing of Metro Madrid’s maintenance staff was the primary concern when selecting the system. Guyson’s Euroblast 8 blow-off cabinet provides a sealed work chamber for safely air washing braking systems utilising a hand-operated air-wash gun. Removing dust, dirt and debris from underground train braking systems is a daily maintenance task for the Metro team, so keeping a clean and safe environment without leaking dust, dirt, debris or noise into the work area is essential.

In terms of design, the cabinet is fitted with two air-wash guns – high pressure and low pressure – which the operator can easily select depending on the type and/or volume of contaminant: high pressure for the aggressive removal of caked-on dust, or low pressure for lighter material.

In order to retain high visibility during the brake cleaning process, a Guyson C400 cartridge dust collector connects to the rear of the cabinet, effectively removing the loosened dust and airborne particles into the collection bin so they can be safely disposed of, while maintaining a clean working environment.

Due to the numerous types of braking systems, some of which are extremely heavy, the Madrid Metro maintenance team selected the Euroblast 8 blow-off system with optional side-loading turntable, which enables large/heavy items to be loaded directly on to the turntable via crane or forklift. The turntable pushes into the cabinet, with hand rotation providing all-round access during the cleaning process.

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Remote maintenance solutions

The potency of remote maintenance and customer assistance – especially harnessing the power of smartphones – has never been demonstrated more forcibly than during the past year when the COVID-19 pandemic has forced lockdowns across the globe. However, the United Grinding Group has increasingly used technology to support its worldwide customer base and, in many cases, keep machines running with minimal downtime.

According to United Grinding Group company Walter Ewag UK, the group’s digital solutions embrace three main offerings: Production Monitor, Service Monitor and Remote Service. The first two help customers keep track of production – for example, highlighting when maintenance work is required and where/when problems may arise in production, while Remote Service helps support the help desk over a data connection.

One example of Remote Service in action concerns the machine’s back-up battery. This system maintains the power supply of a control system in the event of a power failure and it requires changing from time to time. The machine operator receives a notice on the operating panel in a timely manner, which the production manager would see on the Production Monitor. Notably, the user manual and installation instructions are available to both the operator and production manager via the Customer Cockpit, but they can also send a service request directly through the Digital Solutions app.

The service technician will be connected live via the Conference Center app and be provided with tips and hints. It is possible to send images via the whiteboard function – and the helpline technician can draw markers directly into the images.
According to the United Grinding Group there were 2500 demands for remote service during 2020.

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