Productivity springs forth at Baumann

A newly established manufacturing line for compression springs at a production facility of Baumann Springs takes place in a tumble-belt blast machine from Rösler. In short cycle times, the custom-engineered blasting solution produces surfaces that are optimally prepared for the subsequent coating operation. Furthermore, oil that carries into the shot-blast process is neutralised and, through the media cleaning system, separated from the blast media.

Located at the Stare Mesto, Czech Republic plant of Baumann Springs, the new production line accommodates different types of long compression springs made from EN 10270-2 spring steel. For cleaning and texturing (roughening) the surface of the springs prior to coating, the company uses a Rösler RMBC 4.2-HD tumble-belt blast machine.

“The Rösler solution impressed us not only because of its design, but its functionality,” explains Claudio Hertig, project manager global operations. “Another positive factor was the sturdy machine construction.”

Rösler’s RMBC 4.2-HD allows the blast cleaning of loosely tumbling compression springs with batch weights of up to 1,000 kg. Two Gamma 300G turbines, each equipped with a power of 11 kW, ensure high shot-blast intensity. These turbines, developed by Rösler, are equipped with curved throwing blades in a ‘Y’ design. Compared with conventional turbines, the specially calculated blade curvature generates very high media throwing speeds, resulting in up to 20% higher blast performance and, in turn, shorter cycle times.

Integrated blast media deflectors further intensify and accelerate the blast process. These special compressed air nozzles cause an additional blast-media movement. The automatic blast-media flow control allows not only the monitoring but also the precise adjustment of media flow to the respective workpieces. Media replenishment takes place automatically.

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