Broadbent Stanley offers VTLs once more

Having produced its first lathe back in 1870, Broadbent Stanley has a long history of designing and manufacturing large-capacity machine tools. At one point the company offered a series of vertical turning lathes (VTLs) and now history is repeating itself with the announcement of a strategic agency agreement with Radar Industrial, a Taiwan-based manufacturer of CNC VTLs.

The agreement will see Broadbent Stanley actively market and sell the Radar range in many markets, including the UK, Ireland, Africa and the Middle East.
Radar VTLs are available in three model designations, the RAL-12, RAL-16 and RAL-20, with maximum turning diameters ranging from 1500 to 2400 mm (and turning heights up to 1600 mm), with a maximum workpiece weight of 13,000 kg on the largest machine. All three machines come as standard with the Fanuc 0i-TF CNC.
The Radar models are equipped with a 12-position tool changer, which can be increased to 18 on the optional M-specification machines, with nine of those positions being capable of handling driven tooling, powered by a 15 kW motor with up to 2400 rpm available for the live tooling. For the largest of the three machines, the main rotating table is powered by a 45 kW motor, with two speed ranges of 1-50 and 1-200 rpm controlled via a high-torque (up to 23,750 Nm) gearbox.
As would be expected of machines of this size and capability, construction is key. The main table features a novel hydraulic static bearing design, where a floating hydraulic bearing is combined with a heavy-duty roller bearing that sits in a one-piece base casting. The result of this design leads to what is claimed to be the ideal combination of increased table-load capacity and precision.
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