BoKa relies on Röhm grippers

Based on many years of positive experience with products from clamping device specialist Röhm, BoKa Automation GmbH is relying on two-jaw grippers for its newest development. With these products, a robot grips individual workpieces for further part handling directly on the machine.
Following its formation in 2014, BoKa Automation GmbH has grown into a €1.8m turnover concern. Co-founder Severin Bobon describes the company mission: “Our main goal has always been to provide the best possible service and solutions to customers.” This is a principle that was followed in the development of CodaBot, the newest product from BoKa.
CodaBot stands for ‘Collaborative Discharge Assistant Robot’. Since a wide variety of workpieces are to be handled by CodaBot, flexibility is the top priority, even for the grippers.
A system located near Hamburg shows how CodaBot operates. There, medical products – namely bone pins made of titanium – are removed from a turning machine automatically. Afterwards, a titanium chip is removed from a frontal thread bore, in order to clean the bone pin in an ultrasonic bath. A device then cleans and blow dries the bone pin in order to then deposit the sensitive workpieces free of damage and scratches. This objective is a challenge, even for the Röhm grippers.
Machining is performed from conventional 3 m bar; the workpieces can be up to 100 mm in diameter. A two-jaw gripper is deployed, the RPP50 from Röhm, which has been modified with special features according to customer requirements. Depending on the workpiece dimensions, smaller or larger grippers are used, which can be pneumatically actuated and are designed to be self-holding.
A wide variety of such two-jaw grippers is available from Röhm. Equipped with two parallel fingers, they are especially suited for gripping round and angular-shaped workpieces.
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