Biomass proves inspired decision at XYZ

To help save energy, as well as the environmental and financial impact of disposing of over 100 tons of wood (pallets) every year, XYZ Machine Tools installed a Froling TX200 250 kW woodchip biomass boiler with Untha wood-chipper at its Tiverton site. Feeding a silo that can contain 10 days of wood chippings, the £180,000 investment is resulting in annual savings of around £100,000 as a result of eliminating costs for transport, landfill, and the gas bill, as well as a rebate for the energy saved.

These savings were at a time prior to the current spike in energy costs, so savings generated now may well be £25,000 per year greater. The rebate is due to the system at XYZ Machine Tools qualifying for the Government’s Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme (now closed to new applicants). The RHI provided businesses with a cash incentive for every kWh of heat generated, which requires monitoring along with the volume of wood used. Companies that qualified for the scheme receive a quarterly index linked rebate over a 20-year period.
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