Big Investment Proves Ideal for KeraJet

KeraJet, an international digital printing machinery manufacturer has recently invested in a
new large-capacity gantry-type mill from Zayer. The machine, an Altea 8000, with its large X-
, Y- and Z-axis travels of 8000mm x 4350 x 1500 mm and 8000 x 3000 mm fixed table, is
producing machine frames, engine bridges and other performance-critical parts that go into
its digital printing machines. Zayer machines are available in the UK exclusively from Mills
Says Jose Luis Granell, head of the machining workshop at KeraJet: “Our digital printing
machines are accurate, but such precision is only possible as long as the components that go
into them are machined to tight tolerances and exacting surface finishes. It’s worth bearing
in mind that when it comes to our print-head technology, our machines are working day-in,
day-out for customers achieving accuracies in the micrometre and even nanometre range.”
The Altea 8000 works an eight-hour shift but, if there is call for repeat components and the
process is secure and repeatable, it runs unattended through the night to improve KeraJet’s
productivity significantly. Flexibility is another major benefit of the Zayer machine.
“We can use the machine in pendulum mode machining workpieces up to 4000 mm in
length in both work zones, as well as machining longer parts using the full stroke of the
machine,” explains Granell. “In addition, the Altea 8000 features 30° and 45° heads. When
machining aluminium, for example, we use the 30° head with electro-spindle at 18,000 rpm.
We use the 45° head when machining steel and select the electro-spindle if and when
superior surface finishes are necessary.”
The Altea 8000 also has several onboard software apps that help improve the machine’s
performance and process reliability.
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