Bandsaws and blades galore from Starrett

LS Starrett used the recent EMO exhibition in Hanover to showcase its bandsaw range, which extends from the portable S1005, a 4 kg, battery-operated machine with a blade speed of 170 m/min, up to the S4230, a 475 kg semi-automatic, horizontal bandsaw with a dynamometric saw-tension indicator and blade speed from 20 to 85 m/min.

Starrett also demonstrated its range of bandsaw blades and advised visitors about how to select the best one for their needs. By way of example, the company’s bi-metal blades, such as PrimAlloy, have a special high-speed edge with exclusive tooth geometry. In addition, the range has extended life treatment (EXT) functionality to ensure longevity, making it suitable for use on high-speed steel, stainless steel and titanium alloy workpieces. Alternatively, there is the Starrett carbide range, which includes the Advanz MC5 AND MC7 featuring carbide-tipped teeth for delivering precise cuts with high surface finish when cutting ferrous metals.
“We have a bandsaw that is suited for pretty much any metal-cutting application you can think of,” says John Cove, marketing manager at Starrett. “It’s easy to view all bandsaws as being alike, but it’s a dangerous trap to fall into. Having a machine that isn’t suited to your needs can impact efficiency, accuracy and even increase your energy bills. Similarly, having the right machine but the wrong blade
can be just as detrimental to your operation.”
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