Bandsaw halves cutting times

Sawing tough, highly tempered steel bar for a medical engineering application presented a challenge to Bavarian tool and workshop equipment manufacturer, Werner Weitner, as cutting times were long. However, the installation of a KastoWin Pro AC 5.6 bandsaw has made production more efficient by halving processing times.
Department manager Florian Winhard says: “We had to process a highly tempered V2A [304 stainless] steel over a large range of diameters for a medical engineering customer. Our existing saws could only use bimetal blades, so cutting times were up to 15 minutes, which we felt was unsatisfactory.

“As a result, we sent a material sample to Kasto ready for trials on different saws,” he continues. “The results obtained on the KastoWin Pro AC 5.6 automatic bandsaw using a carbide blade were impressive. Cycle times of 7-8 minutes were achieved, around half the time needed by our other saws.
“A major advantage is that we can switch between carbide blades and less expensive HSS bi-metal blades at any time. So we can cut not only difficult-to-machine materials, but standard steels, economically.”
The KastoWin pro AC 5.6 is designed for a variety of applications in steel stockholding, steel production, forging mills, machine manufacturing and the automotive industry. A notable feature is the frequency-controlled, 11 kW drive motor, which allows carbide as well as bimetal blades to be used. Users can therefore be flexible in their choice of tool, reducing costs and optimising cutting speed and efficiency.
The working range of the KastoWin Pro is 560 mm and the smallest dimension that can be cut is 25 x 25 mm.
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