Bahco unveils cutting discs

Bahco’s range of power-tool accessories, which is said to be widely acclaimed by trade professionals, is now being extended to include high-performance abrasive cutting and grinding wheels, as well as diamond discs.

Manufactured in Europe, these competitively priced, hard-wearing products have been designed for working with hard-to-machine materials, including metal, Inox, reinforced concrete, ceramics, brick and stone. The assortment includes both bonded abrasive and coated abrasive cutting and grinding wheels, along with diamond grit discs.
Bonded abrasives are ideal for cutting off or grinding using hand-held equipment, including angle grinders, straight grinders and vertical grinders, while coated abrasives are universally used to grind, deburr, finish or polish workpieces in metal and Inox.
Three variants of diamond cutting discs are available within the new Bahco range, which are designed specifically for cutting bricks, ceramics or reinforced concrete.
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