Automated DED tie-up

Esprit, a specialist in CAM software for CNC programming, optimisation and simulation, is now partnering with Alma, a CADCAM provider for robotics, to create a complete programming solution for robot additive DED (direct energy deposition). Compared with a machine tool-based DED machine, a robotic DED machine costs significantly less. Additionally, many companies can retrofit existing industrial robots for additive DED applications. However, in order to program a robot for additive DED tasks, an engineer needs to determine not only the tool path of the DED head, but the robot arm movements.

To provide customers with an end-to-end solution for programming robot additive DED, Esprit has been working with Alma to bring the best of the two worlds together: advanced tool-path planning in both subtractive and additive areas; and technology in robotics trajectory computation and offline programming of arc welding robots.

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