Advanced tube simulation software from Unison

New Opt2Sim Tube bending simulation software is now available from Unison Ltd, the inventor of all-electric tube manipulation.

“In developing Opt2Sim Tube, our goal was to offer a tube simulation product that would make it simpler and more straightforward than ever before to create virtual parts ready for uploading bending data to the machine,” says Unison’s joint managing director, Alan Pickering. “In Opt2Sim Tube, we give users the ability to drag and drop STEP files into the software program and extract tube data instantly. In addition, users can draw parts by simply entering XYZ or YBC co-ordinates, viewing them in 3D. Bend data is quickly converted into printable reports and users can also extractindividual tube data.”

Unison’s Opt2Sim Tube software sits within the company’s wider Opt2Sim suite of 3D simulation software programs. Developed for ‘design to manufacture’ production strategies, Opt2Sim tube-bending simulation software uses machine and component data to provide a precise, virtual insight into the tube-bending process before commencing production.

Products within the Opt2Sim software suite include a version where both CAD modelling capability and the control engine combine toprovide accurate simulation and enhanced collision detection. Believed to provide unique capabilities for enhanced batch processing, simulated bending takes place on an exact CAD representation of the Unison Breeze or Synergy machine.

Additional options include advanced AI that will always aim to find a solution to even the most complex tube geometry, or whenever detecting a potential collision between tube and machine. The AI feature is particularly useful with right/left machines and when assisting in the development of highly complex parts, such as those used in the oil and gas industry.
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