A tool for all applications from ITC

When a machinist with extensive motorsport expertise had ambitions of starting his own business, the first step was a five-axis machining centre, high-end CAM software and cutting tools from Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC).

“When I started the business I recalled how the technical expertise of ITC aided previous employers with special tools,” says managing director Allan Carabine. “ITC also gave advice on maximising tool life and performance while reducing costs and consumption. When we started, I trialled ITC’s 6 mm diameter 3081 series on aluminium parts. It blew the previous tools out of the water.
“We then had a family of three aluminium parts that were required in a quantity of 500 for each component,” he continues. “The parts were set on a jig that could machine four components in a single set-up with a cycle time of 25 minutes. Only a few days into the new project, the previous cutting tools generated inconsistent tool life and poor surface finishes. Engineers from ITC recommended an ITC 16 mm diameter 3081 series solid carbide end mill. It completed the whole project of 1500 parts with minimal tool wear, exceptional surface finishes and was 30% cheaper than the previous cutting tool.”
Following the success of ITC’s aluminium end mills, MK Precision trialled the Widia VariMill 4777 series of four-flute solid carbide end mills on titanium components. A specific project of 90 components required a 50 by 50 mm pocket at a depth of 6 mm on each part. Here, the Widia VariMill 4777 Series immediately cut the
cycle time from 15 to 10 minutes per part.
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