3D-printing boost for Callum

Stratasys subsidiary MakerBot, a specialist in 3D printing, has supplied automotive and lifestyle product design and engineering firm, Callum, with a Method X 3D printer. The machine will produce functional prototypes, tooling and production parts across a number of luxury vehicles and lifestyle brands, including the limited edition Aston Martin Callum Vanquish 25 by R-Reforged.

Adam Donfrancesco, technical director at Warwick-based Callum, says: “Having put the 3D printer through its paces, the level of part accuracy and diversity of engineering-grade materials available is second-to-none versus other industrial desktop printers we’ve tested. Not only does this technology enable us to enhance our prototyping capabilities for true functional testing, but we can now optimise the production of tools and end-use parts where 3D printing previously fell short in terms of strength, surface finish and dimensional accuracy.”

For further information www.makerbot.com

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