£3.4m taken at Citizen open house

Within a couple of hours of Citizen Machinery UK opening the doors for its ‘Technology Days’ open house, the directors of Ilkeston-based subcontractor Adams Engineering (pictured) ordered a Citizen Cincom L32 VIII sliding-head turn-mill centre to increase its installed base of Citizen machines to five. Adams Engineering employs seven people and supplies sectors that include medical, mining, automotive, rail and HVAC. “We have grown on the back of our Citizen installations, which give us reliability, consistency of production, and support and service when we need it,” says director Scott Burrows.

Over the three days of the event more than 300 people attended Citizen’s UK headquarters near Watford, with 18 orders placed worth in excess of £3.4m. Seven of the machines sold feature the company’s patented Low Frequency Vibration
(LFV) technology.
For further information www.citizenmachinery.co.uk