2500T hydraulic press for DMP

Beckwood Press Co has been awarded a contract by Diverse Metal Products (DMP) to manufacture a 2500-ton hydraulic forming press.

Scheduled for delivery later this year, the press will be used to make embossed heat exchanger plates in nuclear missile tubes for the US Navy.
The custom press will feature an eight-point square gib guidance system that is fully adjustable left-to-right and front-to-back to minimise lateral movement under load. The 1.2 x 1.65 m bed and ram bolsters will be machined to accommodate DMP’s existing tooling. Safety features include light curtains on the front opening, fixed polycarbonate guarding on the rear, and a UL-certified electrical enclosure.
Like every Beckwood press, DMP’s new machine includes several uptime-focused features. For instance, the structure is engineered for ‘infinite life’ using FEA software, while dual linear and pressure transducers offer reliability and redundancy. In addition, Beckwood’s proprietary PressLink module facilitates fast, complementary remote support.
“We are proud to support companies like DMP, who supply critical components to the US military,” says Josh Dixon, Beckwood’s director of sales and marketing. “Our unwavering commitment to engineering and manufacturing presses in the US results in safe, reliable machinery and gives every Beckwood customer a competitive advantage.”
“DMP is proud to partner with Beckwood on this project,” adds John Keith, one of DMP’s owners. “Selecting a US manufacturer to help us support the US Nuclear Navy was our number one objective. Beckwood has done what they said they would. We are excited to deploy this asset in the coming months.”
For further information www.beckwoodpress.com

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