A change for the better at Delavale

MACH Machine Tools has recently supplied Surrey-based precision subcontract specialist Delavale Engineering with two MACH 710MM+ vertical machining centres. The machines are positioned adjacent to each other at the company’s 5000 sq ft facility in Bagshot to create a flexible, high-productivity milling cell.


Delavale’s decision to invest in new machines from MACH Machine Tools represents a significant departure for the company. Prior to the new acquisitions, Delavale purchased pre-owned machines from Machine Tool Sales Online (MTSO) which, like MACH Machine Tools, is part of the Vigilance Group of companies. New machines were acquired from a different, well-established machine-tool supplier.
Explains Steve Burrows, Delavale’s managing director: “We regularly invest in high-quality used machine tools as an established route to increasing and improving our machining capacity and capabilities and, over recent years, have acquired a number of pre-owned machines from MTSO.”
Indeed it was during a visit to MTSO’s Bristol showroom facility where Burrows, with an eye on acquiring a pre-owned machining centre, caught sight of a new MACH 710MM+ vertical spindle machine.
“MACH 710MM+ machines have a number of attractive features and their specification compares favourably with many mid-size vertical machining centres on the market,” he says. “Particularly appealing was the direct-drive spindle configuration which, unlike belt-driven spindle options, are much quieter and more responsive. The machine’s face and taper tooling, and 48m/min rapid rates, were other key selling points.
“Following its delivery and installation, one of the first jobs loaded to the machine was an existing precision aluminium component,” he continues. “The MACH 710MM+ delivered immediate benefits, most notably a 50% reduction in cycle time and the elimination of secondary, hand-finishing operations.”
Such were the performance and productivity improvements gained from the MACH 710MM+ machine that, just a few months later, Delavale ordered a second identical machine.
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Defence spending in Wales tops £1bn

UK defence spending in Wales reached more than £1bn for the first time in 2018-19, supporting more than 7000 jobs.

New MoD figures show that the department’s procurement spend in Wales increased from £960m in 2017-18 to £1.08bn last year – an increase in per capita spending from £310 to £350. Major defence projects in Wales include: production of the Army’s next-generation AJAX armoured fighting vehicles at General Dynamics in Merthyr Tydfil and Oakdale; the development of a new £11m Royal Naval Reserve centre in Cardiff Bay; and a £250m contract with Raytheon in Broughton to provide support services to the Royal Air Force’s fleet of surveillance aircraft.
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NCMT is Rema agent in UK

NCMT has been appointed as the sole sales and service agent in the UK and Ireland for the range of vertical machining centres manufactured by Rema Control of Italy.

Founded in 1987, the company specialises in building large three- and five-axis moving-column machines with travels up to 8000 mm in the X axis and 1200 mm in Y. The manufacturer also produces trunnion-type five-axis VMCs, universal milling machines with box ways, and gantry-type VMCs with a rotary pallet changer.
For further information www.ncmt.co.uk