World’s leading EV manufacturer turns to ONA

The world’s leading electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer has placed an order with ONA for the purchase of two units: an AV130 wire EDM model and the first recently introduced ONA Iris T10 machine.

This leading EV automotive company is currently optimising its manufacturing process, reducing the number of parts necessary to produce car bodies. “Our new car body production system reduces production time, operation costs and factory size, while tool and equipment costs are also reduced,” the company says.

Stepping up to help the plant meet this goal is ONA and its large-scale AV130 and Iris T10 machines.

This customer has been the first to incorporate a new ONA Iris model into its facilities.
Earning the trust of a manufacturer as important as this one was based on three key points. First, the ONA Iris has a simple, intuitive and easy-to-use interface with a large number of digital tools incorporated to simplify handling for any user. Second, the machine has a powerful graphics engine: the user can create all of the simulations needed to test possible results before launching the project. This way, the customer has absolute control over the manufacturing process, making changes easily until obtaining the desired result. And all of this while the ONA Iris is in full production with another project.

Last but not least, ONA says that its Iris machine integrates the market’s most powerful generator, which is 100% digital, configurable and programmable. This high-performance, smart digital generator can reach 400 A of intensity, which ONA says is the most power on the market. More power means more productivity.

The automotive company also acquired a new ONA AV130, the market’s largest wire EDM machine for workpieces weighing up to 10 tonnes.
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