Work smarter with MILL P

With fast material removal capabilities and high-rigidity characteristics, GF Machining Solutions says that its Mikron MILL P 500U simultaneous five-axis machining centres deliver accuracy and cutting performance when machining high-precision, complex components made from difficult-to-machine materials. Notably, the thermal stability characteristics of the machines ensures reliable precision over long runs, aided by the integration and availability of smart technology modules.

As well as featuring 1.7 g acceleration/deceleration rates and 45 m/min rapids, the machines are equipped with 36 kW Step-Tec spindles (20,000 rpm) and rotary tilting tables that can accommodate workpieces up to 707 mm in diameter and up to 600 kg in weight. The rotary tilting table (+91/-121° and n x 360°) is available with several options, including T-slot and pallet tables accommodating a payload of 200, 400 or 600 kg.

Incremental, direct-angle measuring systems on the tilting and rotating axes guarantee high positional and repeatable accuracies. Both axes are driven via water-cooled torque motors: one for T-slot tables, and two for pallet tables on the A axis and one on the C axis. For heavy-duty machining, it is possible to clamp the rotary and tilting axes and, for improved machining stability, the titling axis features clamping on both side supports.

As well as the 20,000 rpm Step-Tec HPC190 spindle (with HSK-A63 interface), customers can select Step-Tec’s 36,000 rpm HVC150 motor spindle with HSK-E50 interface. This spindle solution is suitable for mould makers using small cutting tools in conjunction with the aforementioned 1.7 g acceleration to achieve best-in-class surface finishes.

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