Wire EDM duo unveiled

Sodick used last month’s EMO exhibition in Germany to unveil two new wire-erosion machines, the Sodick ALC800G and VL600QH. The newly announced ALC800G incorporates all the features and benefits of Sodick’s Premium wire range, as well as offering
a three-sided automatic door and 1500 x 1040 mm work tank. A high-column (optional) version of the machine provides an extended Z-axis stoke of 800 mm.

Meanwhile, the new VL600QH, which incorporates an extended Z-axis stroke of 500 mm – making it suitable for tackling tall workpieces – is a development of the VL600Q linear motor driven wire-cut EDM. The latest machine retains all the features and benefits of the earlier model, including the FJ-type automatic wire threader with ‘pop-up’ functionality for increased reliability.
Other machines on the stand included a Sodick Premium ALC600L wire EDM, an AG60L die-sink EDM equipped with a robot and the entry-level AD55L die-sink EDM. The latter incorporates a plethora of Sodick innovations, including linear motors on X, Y, and Z axes, as well as the K-SMC Sodick Motion controller, 1 Gbit/sec communication technology, SGF nano-wear generator and ceramic work-zone.In addition, the symmetrical structure of the AD55L has been specifically designed to provide improved rigidity in order to help maximise machine performance. Sodick is represented in the UK by Sodi-Tech EDM.
For further information www.sodi-techedm.co.uk