Wire cutting launches a new era

Building on its successful company history, Neubeck & Wiedemann GmbH is well equipped and firmly established in the marketplace as a metalworking specialist. For the past eight years, wire-cutting machines from Mitsubishi Electric have had a major hand in this.

Based in Stockach, Germany, Neubeck & Wiedemann houses over 30 machine tools and 40 employees mainly producing precision components as one-offs or in series, as well as punching tools for toolmaking and the production of jigs and fixtures.
On a customer’s recommendation to integrate wire EDM technology in production, the company purchased a used Mitsubishi Electric wire-cutting machine in 2011. Jürgen Läufle, managing director, says: “This gave us an excellent opportunity to launch production in this area. The support from Mitsubishi Electric was quick and outstanding. We got off to a very fast start with the used machine. Within four to six weeks we were able to product parts without assistance. However, after two years we found that the used machine was no longer able to cope with the workload.”
The volume of orders called for investment in the first new wire EDM, an MV2400S from Mitsubishi Electric. Sometime later there was another bottleneck, and the second new machine from the Japanese manufacturer, a MV2400R Connect, was installed – it has been in operation at Neubeck & Wiedemann for the past year. The high workload of the wire-cutting machines has been fuelled by press manufacturer Schuler and demand from the company’s own punching tool activities, such as for the production of dies, punches and die plates.
The company uses coated and uncoated standard brass wire, usually of 0.25 mm diameter.
For further information www.mitsubishi-edm.de