Vollmer penetrates micro-tool market

Micro-tools are drills and milling cutters with diameters below 0.5 mm. Here, sharpening specialist Vollmer is successfully eroding these delicate PCD tools in a highly precise and cost-efficient way with its VHybrid 260 grinding and erosion machine.

Progress in areas such as medical implants and wearables means that electronic components are becoming increasingly fine and delicate, demanding the use ofever-smaller tools in the manufacturing processes. PCD micro-tools with diameters of 0.45 mm and below are in particular demand for the production of microchips.

The Vollmer VHybrid 260 grinding and erosion machine features Vpulse EDM generator technology, which achieves a surface finish of up to 0.05 Ra when eroding, corresponding to an average roughness of up to 0.24 Rz. In addition, it is possible to produce a cutting edge radius of up to 1.5 µm with the VHybrid 260. This capability eliminates the need for any subsequent grinding or polishing of functional tool areas.

To ensure optimum concentricity of 2 µmmaximum when machining micro-tools, the VHybrid 260 features an insulated tool steady rest, which also makes it suitable for eroding. Furthermore, due to the integrated‘Laser Check’measuring system, required tolerances of ±2 µm are achievable during fully automatic circular machining in a closed-loop process.

The VHybrid 260 is based on multi-layer machining, implemented through two vertically configured spindles. The lower spindle is forboth grinding and eroding. Moreover, the machine can switch up to eight grinding and eroding wheels, including coolant supply, fully automatically. Various automation options are available to enable unmanned operation around the clock.
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