Vision system delivers reliable automation testing

ALPHR Technology, a Letchworth-based specialist inhigh-end automation solutions fortest andmeasurement applications, advanced robotics and modular automation solutions, is using a Keyence CV-X series intuitive vision system. Consisting of a controller, camera and lighting solution, the vision system makes use of a wide range of high-resolution cameras designed to satisfy any application need. It delivers up to 64 megapixels and features a multi-spectrum image capture system that uses eight wavelengths of coloured light.

A key feature of the Keyence CV-X is the CA-DQP12X Pattern Projection Lighting (PPL) system, which offers simultaneous 2D and 3D inspection. The PPL light works by flashing multiple projections onto a part using its eight-directional projectors, and calculating the height of the part based off the distortion in the projections. As a result, there is no compromise to inspections by surface conditions or contrast between the part and the background. By adding height data to conventional 2D inspection, PPL provides dramatically improved stability during inline inspection.

Says Iqbal Kazi, general manager at ALPHR: “When implementing a vision system, having the correct lighting is paramount in determining if the installation will be a success or otherwise. Keyence was able to demonstrate why a specific light source should be used and proved that the CA-DQP12X PPL system was the right lighting for the applications in which we operate.”

For more conventional imaging applications, the CV-X Series makes use of 2D inspection lighting such as the LumiTrax capture mode as well as the auto-teach inspection function, providing stable inspection for a wide range of different products.
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